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Best in Class Documentation

Text documentation with screenshots is helpful and we provide just such information, but we like to take it a step further wherever possible with short schedules, and provide video walkthroughs and demonstrations for those who find ‘video’ a much more user friendly experience.

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Best in Class Support

Want direct contact with the designers and developers! This  where our dedicated product support forums provide near one on one product support. In addition we are considering implementing our own support ticket center to provide direct contact with the folks who designed your product.


Quality Documentation

provided in both print and video

Eaglesoft products come with extensive and as thorough as possible documentation where each section of the product and its features are described in an easy way to understand, If documentation is not enough contact us on our dedicated Support Forums.


Real Human Support

no mystery robots here

The support you receive with your Eaglesoft Product is provided by the same people who designed and built your Aircraft. You receive first hand, near one on one human support, in our dedicated Support Forums. We actually enjoy the experience of assisting successful simulated flight.


Customer Service

excellence is our goal

We really do care about your experience and our pledge is to do what we can to help! We are looking into the viability of a Support Ticket Center to supplement our current system so you can contact us directly and keep track of all our communications.


Product Specific Help

a little one on one

Progress means adding more bells and whistles to our products. Some customer will make use of them, and for others, it's just too much. Not a problem you can have your cake an eat it too. Where possible we offer third party integration into our products and referral to third party support is often the best route.