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Re: Citation X Extreme G2 & Hyper Gauges

Post by michaelnicholson » Wed May 23, 2018 11:55 am

OK Guys - I declared victory too soon. I had only entered a flight plan and climbed to ALT with everything working fine. Yesterday, I filed another IFR flightplan with Radar Contact from KTPH to KRSW at Ft Meyers, FL. Everything seemed to be going fine until I intercepted the GS. At this point the aircraft veered off course and ALT. I disarmed the AP, but the flight director was totally out of control, and the aircraft was unresponsive. I certainly have never had this happen before, either sim or full scale. I flew it again, same thing. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall, same result. The only common thread I could see, was first I could not enter an ADF freq in the RDU. When I entered the ILS freg into the RDU it looked like it always did reflecting no problem; however, in the panel com and nav box, which I never use to enter a freq, as soon as you entered the ILS in the RDU It just jumbled the numbers. Again I had to end the flight. To say I've never had this problem before is an understatement. All my other sim aircraft are flying fine. The only other problem I've had after the big Windows 10 update was with Radar Contact. Their forum reflected what had caused the problem and the fix to it.

So, I'm just passing this on to you for info. It's seems like this problem might possibly be linked to all the changes Eaglesoft is making. I'm just hoping time will straighten it out. Take care, Mike Nicholson PS: I sure would like to debate the benefits to the ADF. When I first learned to fly, there were still a few A & N radio ranges!

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