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Redownload Citation X

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:22 pm
by jafajones
I purchased The Eaglesoft CX2 from FSPilotShop in June 2017 - see attached and need to reinstall due to a SSD failure :-(.

My system is Windows 10 home, FSX SE, separate SSD drive (F) for FSX SE and use PMDG as well as CX planes.

I have been attempting to recover the CX using the originally downloaded EDG-100 zip file the plane appears to install correctly however despite many attempts, I am unable to get the hypergauge.dll to load and the 5 displays remain blank. I have followed the forum advice re reinstallation - uninstall using CX uninstall utility, AV off, Admin mode.

After some hours on the Eaglesoft forum, I have come to the conclusion that I need to redownload the plane vs reuse of the original download however from hat I can see, FSPilotShop don't exist anymore - while appears to load, the rest of the site is not functional and I am not able to progress to requesting the download.

I downloaded CX20RX from the Eaglesoft site however installing this takes me to F1 for activation however understandably this will not work as I did not purchase the plane through F1. I contacted F1 support and they suggest I contact Eaglesoft direct.

I guess that CX20RX downloaded from EDG may not even the same plane as the one I originally purchased which downloaded as EDG-100.

I have the original CX2 install key which was provided with the FSPilotshop order - if that helps but would greatly appreciate your help in getting things back together.

Thanks in anticipation

Mike Jones

Re: Redownload Citation X

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:23 pm
by N400QW
You should have the archived zip file from FSPS. Run it for reinstall and use this link for reset of PW if needed:

Re: Redownload Citation X

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:02 am
by jafajones
Thanks Ron, all good and now sorted after much time in the Forum and comparing notes with another NZ ESDG Citation user.

Just in case my experience may be of interest to others:

- I installed a dedicated SSD for FSX - FSX SE, ESDG CX, PMDG, Plan-G etc.
- I installed the CX with the recommended settings, Admin, no AV etc to new SSD (F).
- The install appeared to complete successfully, CX available in the FSX aircraft selection screen, prompted to trust CX - but not for the Hypergauge!!
- CX started up properly but the panels were blank.
- Research identified that the DLL.XML file was in same folder as FSX.CFG in a working installation but in my system the FSX.CFG was in - C:Users>Mike>Appdata>Roaming>Microsoft>FSX but DLL.XML was in F:Steam>Steamapps>Common>FSX>Configdata>Appdata.
- Copied DLL.XML to the FSX.CFG folder, restarted FSX, prompted for Hypergauge trust and panels now working fine :-)