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Eaglesoft and Flight One Wrapper

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:15 am
by N400QW
Eaglesoft Main Site FAQs Page:
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FSPS and Sim Market Reset Links:

Known Installation Issues
Operating Systems such as Windows 7 and W10 contain security settings which must be set to allow proper installation.
The settings are DEP and UAC.

Data Execution Protection [DEP] must be set by user to allow proper installation and operation.

Click this link for more on the Flight One Ecommerce Wrapper and Windows 7

My Installation Hangs at some Percentage on Gaugesound .dll or other file.
OS Boot to Safe Mode is a method to bypass [DEP] and other User Security settings on W7 and Win10 OS in order to obtain a successful product installation.
Re Boot to Normal Mode after successful installation is a solution for those who do not know which Security settings are hampering the installation process.

My Computer lacks C: Drive:
Some newer Computers lack a C: Drive which presents a challenge for users who wish to install and run Eaglesoft Products.
The solution is to create a Virtual C: Drive as outlined in the following link.