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Eaglesoft and Navigraph Policy

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:02 am
by N400QW
Q. Does Eaglesoft use other than Navigraph Navigation Database specific build for Eaglesoft Aircraft?
A. No. All Eaglesoft Corporate Aviation Aircraft designated V2.0 [Generation Two] use ONLY Navigraph specific for Eaglesoft Navdata Database for its Navigation!

To date, no other DB sources are tested or supported by Eaglesoft Development Group!

Note: For best results with Flight Plans which contain Departure and Arrival Procedures [SIDS/STARS] Eaglesoft recommends the latest Eaglesoft DB Update Cycle from Navigraph be present on user machines.
To date no Eaglesoft Aircraft uses updateable DB except our Corporate Jets designated V2.0 [Generation Two]
Their newest FMS Data Manager makes this task an easy one to complete.


FMS Data Manager:

Manual Installation Eaglesoft Files: