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Eaglesoft and Navigraph Policy

Post by N400QW » Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:02 am

Q. Does Eaglesoft use other than Navigraph Navigation Database specific build for Eaglesoft Aircraft?
A. No. All Eaglesoft Corporate Aviation Aircraft designated V2.0 use ONLY Navigraph specific for Eaglesoft Navdata Database for its Navigation!

To date, no other DB sources are tested or supported by Eaglesoft Development Group!

Note: For best results with Flight Plans which contain Departure and Arrival Procedures [SIDS/STARS] Eaglesoft recommends the latest Eaglesoft DB Update Cycle from Navigraph be present on user machines.
To date no Eaglesoft Aircraft uses updateable DB except our Corporate Jets designated V2.0
Their newest FMS Data Manager makes this task an easy one to complete.


FMS Data Manager: https://navigraph.com/FmsDataManager.aspx

Manual Installation Eaglesoft Files: https://navigraph.com/FMSDataManualInstall.aspx
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