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Eaglesoft new revised for 2018 "G2" Extreme dual installer for FSX??

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:15 pm
by RuneENHD
Eaglesoft Guys, I read G2 Extreme with Proline 21 update for Beechjet 400A, there seems to other updates avaliable to other old planes also, what's going on? I just bought the "G2" with Proline , have you really check links so are correect for your differt products?? :o :shock: Installer says v1.5 ??? dating to somewhere around year 2015??? is this NOT a 2018 product in G2 Extreme ??

There are no product pages ready for them with screenshots or other stuff.. this is weird ? please refund me If you have no new products ready allready ? ? Doubble check all your links on your new page, also seems you cant access old leagcy planes like premier 1 for fsx anymore? I just bouight it now it is disapered?

there seems to be wrong installer not dating to 2018 ???

please help I allready own a version 1 for fsx, I don't want to again for a similar plane for the same sim FSX ??

THIS IS VEEERY CONFUSING TO THE CUSTOMERS, please clean up! :shock: :?


Re: Eaglesoft new revised for 2018 "G2" Extreme dual installer for FSX??

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:57 pm
by N400QW
Not sure where you have gotten such confusion.
What we've said on new site is the Beechjet/Hawker is a Dual installer which licenses for use in either FSX Boxed and/or FSX Steam.
The Premier1 is discontinued for FSX as is the CJ1. CJ1+ is available as a Dual installer for FSX Boxed or FSX Steam. :?

If refund is needed the go to bottom of FAQs page and open an F1 Ticket.

Re: Eaglesoft new revised for 2018 "G2" Extreme dual installer for FSX??

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:25 pm
by RuneENHD
Hi Eaglesoft, (this found on the G2 corporate) (this is found on the G1 corporate)
this information is from your webpage..??

I still see this information, It also is similar to other generation 2 "Extreme" aircraft I expected it to also have graphics enhancement ala Citation CJ1 + and Citation X 750 + , Also caling it Extreme G2 is there not other changes also ? ? This is confusing :roll: :?
PS, I DID NOT Expect G3 or G4 level quality of modelling and systems, but I DID expect a general graphics update to clearer easy to read graphics! ala other G2 Extreme aircraft from Cessna..?
Maybe it is the "Extreme" moniker in combination that is confusing also, I don't think you had "this"(on corporate aircraft) going back a few years, always loved the Beechjet since Flight Unlimited-3
but my eyes are NOT deceiving me, it read quite clearly Collins Proline 21 (represents a new and fresh approach)!! :? :roll:

see attachment..

Please don't tell me THIS is NOT confusing??? :? :shock: :o

Regards Rune

Re: Eaglesoft new revised for 2018 "G2" Extreme dual installer for FSX??

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:06 pm
by N400QW
Please understand the original Beechjet/Hawker G2 package uses a custom Proline Avionics suite built for that period of time.
Minor improvements were not and are not intended to mean a new product. It is in the Generation Two Catalog and one cannot reasonably expect it to be any more than it is.

While we certainly understand how someone can reach your conclusions we can only offer the refund as a solution to your issue and hope that others do not come to the expectations you seem to have come to.

For now the catalog will be revised to the fact that the Proline 21 should have read Proline Four as outlined in documentation. We apologise for the error and expect folks to ask questions if they are unsure about an issue. The revision will be up before bed. Refresh browser pages if revision doesn't show..
Thank you for your input. :D

Re: Eaglesoft new revised for 2018 "G2" Extreme dual installer for FSX??

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:55 pm
by RuneENHD
Hey Ron(Eaglesoft), appology is accepted, ;) and error was made I guess, thanks for checking out the issue and repairing webpage and that you will help out "the confused customers" (me included)...hehe! :lol:
I was just confused for what I thought "were purchaseable updates for many old aircrafts(in my hangar)", so I happily pulled my wallet lol :oops: :?

I will ask for a refund, on my "recently purchased in 2018" Beech/Hawker planes "existing" planes :D

PS Is it too late to ask for a refund? on "the recently discontinued Premier-1" also? (this really looks "old in the tooth",
and really looks Legacy, sadly)

I think you should Re-consider this aircraft? "Premier1-Driver", has tons of video material on youtube on it!
It's a nice size jet also, It has grown on me since I first saw it, (still a bit uncertain on the "outside" looks though, cockpit is cool with Pro-line 21)

BTW you have made some of my favorite jet aircraft through FS-history (many flight on them) :) :) ;)
Thanks :D

Hopefully for the newer "Generation 3 & 4" planes you can do away? with the need to start from 2D panel, without crashing FS...
FSX defaults to 3D virtual cockpit,even after saving the 2D panel startup flight, it's just ignored as a deafult flight, and goes straight to virtual cockpit?


Re: Eaglesoft new revised for 2018 "G2" Extreme dual installer for FSX??

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:16 pm
by RuneENHD
BTW I have a question with regards to the Cit2 550 :

what's causing the alarm bell on takoff ?(I have searched high and low for answers?)
You reeeealy have to use slow actuation of throttle, and even then "It goes off"!! around roughly 60-80 N1/N2)with the Cessna Citation 2 Bravo 550 ??
it's a loud alarm, also it can sometime happen similar stuff "up in the air around 16.000 to 20.000 feet"??
Could be something to to do with pressurization simululation ? (not all of us use the(RTFM) manuals when we fly these ES aircraft)

But I am strugling with the Cessna Citation 2 sometimes(There are no Takeoff config ready flight?)?
I know there is takeoff alarm config "on the config" on Citation X.
But with the cit 2 550, I set correct trim set and flaps,

I also see a "red warning" on my annunciation-panel which I can not figure out?? I think it says something about close door or similar ? How do I accomplish that ???? :?

Seems there are no "click spot" to close the door/doors on some planes ? shift+1,2,3,4 does nothing to the warning ??

kind regards