Obtaining An Enlarged Panel View For Easier Settings Input

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Obtaining An Enlarged Panel View For Easier Settings Input

Post by jkb24212 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 8:15 am

Accidentally, I discovered a way to enlarge view of the different settings panels that presented with the Citation X. When I first discovered this I was setting the LOC radio from the throttle page for the particular runway I was approaching. Using only the mouse to make the correct settings, I clicked the left mouse button with the radio page displayed and noticed it was enlarged to what appeared to be 2X enlargement which I found to be most helpful in setting the frequency without having to get extremely close to the screen and squint to confirm the frequency settings. I made the settings then closed the panel and tried to duplicate the enlargement of the panel again but without success. I continued to randomly click inside the radio settings panel and was again presented with the enlarged view.

Has anyone discovered this as well and what is the repeatable method for doing this when desired. I have been flying this particular plane for years and never seen this previously. Can anyone shed some light on this handy but hidden tool.

Much thanks!

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