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Cruise speed hold

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:47 am
by maartenvd84

When I'm performing a climb (while still being under 10.000ft), the C750 nicely sticks to the 250kt speed limit as instructed by the FMC.
But once I'm in cruise mode, the 'purple indicated .78 LRC' does not seem to be applied although my throttles are in CRU mode...
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? --> AP activated, VNAV and NAV activated.
CRU mode.jpg
Thanks! Happy holidays!

Re: Cruise speed hold

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:30 am
by WarpD
What you're "doing wrong" is believing there's an autothrottle on the aircraft. There isn't.

FLC and VFLC are speed holds only in that they adjust aircraft pitch to maintain a set speed. The throttle detents command the aircraft's FADEC to maintain a given thrust level. Not a speed.

Re: Cruise speed hold

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:33 am
by maartenvd84
Hi Ed,

Thanks for the clarifications!
Got it now!

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