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Eaglesoft Product Frequent Questions

Does Eaglesoft offer both FS9 and FSX Versions at one price point?

  • No. All Eaglesoft FS9 or FSX Corporate and General Aviation Aircraft are offered for specific Simulator Versions at their own price point. This means that customers must decide which simulator version they wish to own. There are no "Dual Sim" Versions at one price point with the exception of the following
  • Disclaimer and explanation: There is one Eaglesoft Corporate Aviation aircraft which is an exception to the above statement. That aircraft is the Raytheon Premier1 Corporate Jet which contains installers for both FS9 and FSX at one price point.

Does Eaglesoft support Win7 Microsoft Operating Systems?

  • At this time all Eaglesoft FS9 or FSX Corporate and General Aviation Aircraft are fully compatible on Win7 32/64 Bit OS with FSX SP1 and SP2 or Acceleration!
  • At Eaglesoft we now follow advise we gave at the Release to Market of FSX.
    At that time it became common knowledge that FSX does NOT play well if users ignore UAC and Windows Defender Settings.

Does Eaglesoft support Win 8 Microsoft Operating System?

  • No, Eaglesoft does not own or run Windows 8 for for FSX or P3DV2 Simulations.
  • That said, we know from independent outside tests that ALL Eaglesoft products for both MSFSX and LM P3DV2 work well in Windows 8 when users take full control of their OS.
  • See the Avsim Windows 8 OS forum to note challenges which Windows 8 users must overcome with with MSFSX and LM P3D Simulations.
  • There is an outline of what one user experienced with FSX on Windows 8.
    We suggest that all Win 8 Users have a close look with full attention to the following: "I learned that excluding FSX from scans by Windows Defender to be a must for FSX on Windows 8."
  • Another had a similar issue with windows 8. "Noticed Windows Problem Reporting popping up in task manger. Turned it off. Issue went away."" Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Action Center\Problem Reporting Settings/Never check for solutions."
  • Yet another recommends downloading certain UI Automation cores to cause Windows 8 to play well with MSFSX and P3D Simulations.
  • In no case will Team Eaglesoft offer support for Windows 8 OS quirks, anomalies, or other OS related difficulties.  That duty remains the strict and sole responsibility of Windows 8 Owners/Users.

Are all Eaglesoft FSX Products Fully FSX/SP2/DX10 Certified?

  • Yes. All Eaglesoft FSX Corporate and General Aviation Aircraft are Full FSX/SP2/DX10 Preview Certified ["read native"].
  • Disclaimer and explanation: There are currently three Eaglesoft Corporate Aviation aircraft which are an exception to the above statement.
  • The three exceptions are the FSX CX1.0, Raytheon Beechjet/Hawker 1.5, and Raytheon Premier1 1.5. All three do work well in FSX/SP2 and only lack DX10 Preview Certification.
  • They are FSX/SP2 Certified but not yet DX10 Preview Certification and therefore fall into the category of Basic FSX/SP2 Certified. ["read non native"].

Where do we find information about upcoming Eaglesoft projects?

  • Future or upcoming project information is found on our Announcements Page. Please note that Coming Soon announcements are limited to the nearest project to release time and possibly the next in line which will be designated as entering the Beta Test process. At no time can we answer "are we there yet" type questions or price point questions.
  • We will always post Release Announcements as projects reach the Release to Market [RTM] stage on our Announcements Page, our Support Forums, and Public Flight Simulation websites..

Are all Eaglesoft FSX Products Supported in 32 Bit and 64 Bit Operating Systems?

  • Yes. All Eaglesoft Aircraft are fully supported within Windows Vista 32/64 bit and Windows 7 32/64 bit Operating Systems. Window XP Users will find that our FS9 Aircraft are supported but our FSX Aircraft are not supported due to the lack of DX10 Preview support in Windows XP

How does Eaglesoft handle Software Updates, Revisions, or Hotfixes?

  • Eaglesoft simply "rolls into" or re-wraps Updates, Revisions, and Hotfixes into an existing product and Announces that a Hotfix is now available for Redownload and Reinstallation. Announcements are placed on our Announcements Page, our Support Forums, and on Public Flight Simulation Websites.
  • This policy eases the Software Update process so users no longer need to search various files and track which updates may be needed.
  • For more on the Reinstallation process see the Reinstallation Section below.

My Eaglesoft Aircraft Installer "Hangs" or Refuses to Install?

  • Please note that both Windows Vista and Windows 7 require that users have Full Administration privileges and proper control over User Account Control [UAC] and Data Execution Prevention [DEP] in order to install and run any software package including FS9/FSX or Eaglesoft Products.
  • Read your Windows Vista and Windows 7 Help Section to learn more about their Security Settings and Administrator Privileges.
  • This is symptomatic of users AV Software Settings as well. Disable AV Software to complete the installation then re enable AV Software.
  • Users report successful installations by booting their machines in SAFE Mode, Installing, then rebooting their machines in NORMAL Mode which bypasses the obscure Windows Security Setup.

Are all Eaglesoft Downloadable Products Virus Free?

  • Yes. Eaglesoft Wraps Virus Free Products in the Secure and Trusted Flight One Ecommerce Wrapper System for Virus Free Delivery via Download from our Website.

My security software reports the Flight One Wrapper has a packed Themida virus?

  • This is a well known false positive by some security software systems which sees the F1 wrapper as an enemy.
    Consider...if it were not a false positive, Eaglesoft and all other F1 vendors would be infected along with all of our users.

    Here is what many go by at Flight1...

    Keep no virus scanner or Internet security active in memory unless it is system friendly. Use only a quality, reasonable, security product like NOD32 from Eset, and know when to call on it. Plus, if you keep NOD32 loaded in memory, it does not negatively affect the system compared to some other scanners.

    For more information on NOD32, go to http://www.eset.com.

    Only use the default Vista/Win7 firewall, and what may be in your Cable or DSL modem. We NEVER use any 3rd Party firewall, no matter how reputable that company is. It is not needed in our opinion!
    Never execute a program from an un trusted source without scanning it with NOD32 or equivalent. Hence what I mention above... know when to use your virus scanner.
    Know what 3rd Party security software is appropriate, and professionally designed. Security software companies want to SELL you software with features and "technology", and can put on a great show. But a great show is not just what you want. You want software that does not take too much control of your system, and does its job well when called on. So again, know WHEN to use your security software, and learn HOW to use it on-demand.

    More Information

How do I Purchase my Eaglesoft Aircraft?

  • Simply Download desired Eaglesoft Aircraft from our site.
  • Unzip to see esdgproductname.exe.
  • Double click to open purchase screen. See samples below.
  • Select choice of Credit Card or PayPal purchase option.


Credit Card Purchase Option

  • Select Credit Card Option.


PayPal Purchase Option

  • Select PayPal Option.


Reinstallation or Coupon Option

  • Select Reinstall Button to avoid repurchase when reinstalling.
  • Select Coupon Button prior to purchase if using Discount Coupon.


How do I recover my Eaglesoft Development Group Aircraft?

  • Simply Redownload your Eaglesoft Development Group Aircraft from our site.
  • Unzip and see esdgproductname.exe.
  • Use the Reinstall Button on the Flight One Wrapper system to avoid repurchase.

How do I recover my Order Number, Key File, or 4 Digit Password?

How do I transfer my Eaglesoft Aircraft License to another computer?

How do I process the 30 Day refund option?

How do I purchase CD Versions of Eaglesoft Development Group Products?

  • Eaglesoft Development Group does not currently offer CD Versions of its Software.

We at Eaglesoft Development Group welcome your input and suggestions on ways we can improve our service to  you. This allows us to tailor our products to fit the needs of our customers and to provide the Flight Simulator community with the most exciting Flight Simulator Aircraft available on the internet.

If you have any comments, or suggestions, please contact us!