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Cessna Citation X 2.0

Cessna Citation X 750 Extreme V2.0 is our flagship Corporate Aircraft! Details in our Corporate Aviation Catalog....

Raytheon Beechjet 400A

Raytheon Beechjet 400A  V1.0  is another of our Corporate Aircraft! Details in our Corporate Aviation Catalog....

Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Diamond DA42 Twin Star V1.0 is one of our General Aviation Aircraft! Details in our General Aviation Catalog....

Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo

Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo V1.0 is one of our General Aviation Aircraft! Details in our General Aviation Catalog....

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Flight Simulation Platforms are Eaglesoft products built for?

  • P3D Academic:LM  See P3D Academic Version Licensing requirements: P3D License
  • Flight Simulator X/Acceleration:MS FSX Products are available in our Corporate and General Aviation Catalogs
  • Flight Simulator X:SE The FSX/Steam Edition, when installed in "Standalone" mode without Flight Simulator X/Acceleration:MS in "Side by Side" mode is treated as the same platform.
  • FS2004 Century of Flight:MS. Now designated Legacy Products as we no longer build for that platform. Legacy Products are available in our Legacy Aviation Catalog.

Does Eaglesoft offer so called Dual Installers?

  • On 03/06/2106 we introduced what we've termed Multi Platform Installers for our GA Cirrus SR Series/Avidyne equipped and Columbia 400/Avidyne at one price point for all three current simulation platforms such as FSX:MS, FSX:SE, and P3D:LM.
  • We've followed up with the Diamond DA42 Twin Star and Piper Twin Comanche and will do the same for Liberty Aerospace XL2 as schedules permit.
  • On the same date we introduced the first Multi Platform Corporate Jet offering while Re Releasing the award Winning Citation X Extreme 2.0! Others to follow as schedules permit.

What Windows OS does Eaglesoft support?

  • Windows7 32/64 bit. We see zero issues with Eaglesoft products in Windows10 OS.
  • We do know that our products work well in W10 with users proper control of that OS.

My Eaglesoft Aircraft Installer "Hangs" or Refuses to Install?

  • Please note that Windows 7 require that users have Full Administration privileges and proper control over User Account Control [UAC] and Data Execution Prevention [DEP] in order to install and run ANY software package including Eaglesoft Products.
  • Read your Windows OS Help Section to learn more about their Security Settings and Administrator Privileges.

My virus scanner warns or I see a DLL or file error message?

  • This is symptomatic of users AV Software Settings as well. After scanning manually, disable AV Software to complete the installation then re enable AV Software.
  • Users report successful installations by booting their machines in SAFE Mode, Installing, then rebooting their machines in NORMAL Mode which bypasses the obscure Windows Security Setup.

How do I recover my Eaglesoft Aircraft?

  • Simply redownload your title from our website.
  • Use the Click Here to Reinstall Button on the lower right corner of the F1 Wrapper to avoid repurchase.

How does the Eaglesoft/Flight One Download/Purchase System work?

  • 1. Download from any Catalog above. The purchase process is outlined in the link below.
  • 2. The Flight One Sytem purchase steps are outlined here: Flight One Purchase System

Where to go for Flight One support or key/password reset/recovery?

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