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Cessna Citation X 2.0

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Raytheon Beechjet 400A

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Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Diamond DA42 Twin Star V1.0 is one of our General Aviation Aircraft! Details in our General Aviation Catalog....

Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo

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Diamond DA42 Twin Star


The Diamond DA42-tdi Twin Star is the world's first and only piston aircraft combining an advanced Airframe, Avionics and Twin Engines. The airframe is composed of an advanced aerodynamic and crash-worthy carbon fiber composite structure. With the revolutionary Turbo-Charged Jet Fuel TAE Centurion compression ignition piston engine, the Twin Star is the undisputed piston engine technology leader in GA aircraft. With a remarkably low fuel consumption, the DA42-tdi was the first Diesel-Powered GA aircraft in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop.

Diamond DA42 Twin Star Aircraft Feature List and  Gallery

Now updated for Multi Platform Installation at one price!

  • Accurate and Finest Quality Virtual Cockpit
  • Specular Shine, Reflective DDS FSX Textures
  • Specular Shine, Reflective 32 Bit FS9 Textures
  • Multiple High Quality Diamond Liveries included
  • Accurate wing views from the Luxurious Cockpit
  • Accurate animation of Passenger Doors and Cargo Door
  • Accurate systems modeling of Electrical, Flaps, Fuel Systems
  • Outstanding performance in FS9 Version with FS9/SP1
  • Outstanding performance in FSX Version with FSX/SP2/DX10
  • Accurate and Finest Quality Model using 3D Studio Techniques
  • Animated Pilot, Female Co Pilot  Accurate Animated Control Surfaces
  • Accurate Reflective Textures, Dynamic Shine, Luxurious Night Lighting
  • Accurate and extremely realistic Diamond DA42 Twin Star Flight Dynamics
  • Truly immersive sound experience based on Diamond DA42 Twin Star Sounds
  • Accurate Twin Turbo-Charged Jet Fuel TAE Diesel Engines with Prop Feather
  • Exclusive: Lumisoft' 3D Landing, Taxi, Exterior, realistic illumination technique

Diamond DA42 Twin Star Cockpit Feature List

  • Exclusive: Mindstar Aviation Bendix King KAP140 Autopilot System
  • Exclusive: Eaglesoft Garmin G1000 Audio Panel  Vatsim/FS Inn Compatible
  • Exclusive: Eaglesoft Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite based on FS GPS System
  • Exclusive: Eaglesoft Garmin G1000 Zoomable Popup Panels Vatsim/FS Inn Compatible
  • Exclusive: Realistic 2D and VC panel with Widescreen 1680X1050 Support
  • Exclusive: Option for  owners of Mindstar Aviation G1000 to seamlessly "Drop In" the Mindstar Aviation G1000.

Diamond DA42 Twin Star Preflight Utility Feature List

  • Supports display of animated Pilot and Female Copilot
  • Displays "Eye Candy" such as Safety Cones, Tie Downs, Luggage

Diamond DA42 Twin Star Support and Documentation Feature List

  • Dedicated Diamond DA42 Twin Star Support Forums
  • Diamond DA42 Twin Star Repaint Kit to create your own favorite livery
  • Revised Full Documentation in PDF Format from Desktop Shortcut Icon


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