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Cessna Citation X 2.0

Cessna Citation X 750 Extreme V2.0 is our flagship Corporate Aircraft! Details in our Corporate Aviation Catalog....

Raytheon Beechjet 400A

Raytheon Beechjet 400A  V1.0  is another of our Corporate Aircraft! Details in our Corporate Aviation Catalog....

Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Diamond DA42 Twin Star V1.0 is one of our General Aviation Aircraft! Details in our General Aviation Catalog....

Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo

Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo V1.0 is one of our General Aviation Aircraft! Details in our General Aviation Catalog....

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About Us


Welcome and thanks for visiting:

We at Eaglesoft Development Group are a Team of dedicated designers, programmers, and artists grouped together to provide Premium Quality Flight Simulator Aircraft at affordable pricing. Our purpose is maximize the enjoyment of every Flight Simulator enthusiast with exciting, unique, and affordable simulated aircraft for Flight Simulation Platforms including FSX/Acceleration:MS, FSX/Acceleration:SE, and P3D/Academic:LM.

Please have a leisurely look at our Corporate Aviation and General Aviation Catalogs. We hope you enjoy your visit and please return often for latest information and progress reports on upcoming titles.


In the Beginning:

Eaglesoft Development Group genesis was late 2001 and early 2002. Our efforts began, and was the result of a lifelong love for all things aviation. While pursuing a PPL/SEL, a chance introduction by a friend to FS98:MS, flown from the keyboard no less, led to FS2000 and a CH Yoke/Pedals combination. The desire for online flying via Squawkbox and Vatsim quickly culminated in approaching a few likeminded and talented friends who wished to build and and fly General Aviation and Corporate Aviation for the then new and upcoming FS2002 Simulator.


The Growing Years:

Eaglesoft founding members include owner Ron Hamilton, Bob Hayes, Lonny Payne, and Bill Leaming. Our efforts led to an alliance with Flight One Software to handle licensing and publishing. The local FBO had a corporate aircraft built by Raytheon named Beechjet 400A. Local pilots granting access to tha aircraft and Lonny Paynes real world pilot experience flying the same type led to Eaglesoft Development Group building and releasing its first simulated Raytheon Beechjet 400A along with a (free with purchase) Raytheon Premier1 for the FS2002:MS simulator in the Fall of 2002. The initial success of that project has encouraged us to continue in developing simulated aircraft and affiliating with others of like mind and talent throughout the US and the world.


Where we're going:

The Fall of 2010 led to an invition to Seattle, WA by now defunct Microsoft Aces Studio Mangement to be involved in beta testing their newest  product named FSX. We were asked to produce for testing our first FSX product which turned out to be the venerable Raytheon Beechjet 400A and now renamed Raytheon Hawker 400XP.

That trip also provided an opportunity to provide 12 of our Cirrus SR20 aircraft w/Avidyne Entegra Avionics to the Seattle Museum of Flight and Aviation Learning Center for Youth! That trip was documented on our previous web site.


New Focus for 2016 and Beyond:

2015/2016 brought a number of changes to the simulated flight community with the advent of LM: P3D and SE:FSX/Acceleration which compliments the existing MS:FSX/Acceleration and represents a fresh look at possiblities moving forward. In 2016, Eaglesoft has begun the process of shuffeling older and newer projects and personel with an eye towards an overall improvement in products, projects, and personel. In addition our primary focus is on Corporate Aviation Products at the highest level of sytem implimentation and graphics with latest modeling/textureing tools and techniques! We are confident and excited for the future of simulated flight and our contribution to its success. As can be seen we now have a presence on social media w/Facebook and look forward to maximizing the enjoyment of simulated flight for all participants.


Team Member List

Ronald Hamilton

Ozzy Hattermann

Johnny Rosario

Robert Kerr

Todd Harrell

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